Knutsford First Responders

Becoming A Community First Responder (CFR)

Who are CFRs?

These are volunteers who have been trained in the skills required to attend emergency calls received by the NHS Ambulance service, and to provide basic life-saving skills until the ambulance arrives. They function within the local community where they live and work.

Who can become a CFR?

A CFR must:

No previous medical experience is needed.

What kinds of incidents are CFRs called out to?

CFRs are asked to attend emergency calls in their area. These types of calls may include chest pains, breathing problems and difficulties, collapsed or unconscious patients resulting from cardiac arrests or other serious medical complications. CFRs are only sent to patients aged 12 years or above.

It must be appreciated that CFRs attending incidents may be exposed to visually and emotionally distressing circumstances and situations.

There are certain emergencies which CFRs are not asked to attend. These are emergencies which are considered unsafe for their welfare, such as Road Traffic Accidents (RTC’s) or violent situations.

Are you still interested in becoming a CFR?

If yes, and you meet the conditions detailed above, and have an empathetic personality, and are a team player, then Knutsford Community First Responder Trust (KCFRT) are very interested in you progressing to the next stage.

Before attending for interview with the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), you must first meet with a small group from KCFRT to be “pre-screened”.

“Pre-screening” Process

This exercise is to ensure that both you and KCFRT are happy that being a CFR is really for you. The first step is for you to contact KCFRT by sending an email to Include in the email your full name, address and telephone number together with a contact email address and a brief outline of why you want to become a Community First Responder.

KCFRT will then contact you to fix up a mutually convenient time to meet. Before the meeting, we will provide you with additional reading material to fully appraise you of the role. You will be advised of your suitability to proceed at the meeting. If the Trust judges you are not a suitable candidate to become a CFR, the reasons will be explained to you at this meeting.

Once approved to proceed by KCFRT, you then formally apply to become a CFR with the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS). That process, which includes completion of a "Bar & Disclosure" form, will be explained to you at the pre-screening meeting. If your application is successful, NWAS will then invite you to attend for interview. Then, within a few days of the NWAS interview you will be advised whether or not you have been selected to proceed to the Training Stage.

NWAS Training is normally conducted at the Northwich Ambulance Station and is usually conducted at weekends over a 3 month period.

On successful completion, you become a Community First Responder (CFR)!

Being a Knutsford First Responder

You will initially work with an ECFR (Enhanced Community First Responder) member of our Team to give you the necessary experience and understanding of the role.

As a member of our First Responder Team, you can be on duty for as little or as often as you can manage. You will need to commit to a minimum of 16 hours each month (4 hours/week).

KCFRT holds a monthly evening meeting for all its First Responders to review the month’s activities and discuss training needs. Though attendance is not compulsory, we recommend that all CFRs & ECFRs attend as frequently as possible.

An annual “requalification” test is required for each CFR and ECFR.