Knutsford First Responders

The Community HeartStart initiative is run by the same group who run First Responders.  Our aim is to teach Emergency Life Support Skills, free of charge, to as many members of the public as would like to learn.

These skills include:

We have now trained hundreds of people in these life support skills, as well as retrained many more. We do not discriminate in any way; trainees range from the younger generation to senior citizens.  We have also trained people who are physically unable to perform CPR themselves, teaching them to instruct others in an emergency.

HeartStart was initiated by the British Heart Foundation who provided all the equipment to start the scheme.  Now, all new stock and room hire is funded by the group themselves, using donations and income from fund raising.

For more information please visit our sister site:

Checking breathing Practising resuscitation Heartstart training session